How to report bugs for EuRoadNet

1) Go to bugtracker.
You will either have to register or use an anonymous account. *

2) You should now see something like this:

3) On the site "View issues", you can look at all currently reported bugs and see if the bug you are looking forward to report has been already reported.

4) If your bug hasn't been reported yet, choose "Report issue" on the left and choose wheter you would like to report a map bug or a website mistake. After that, you should see something like this:

5) Now fill out the fields.


You can also report multiple bugs in one report: In this case, choose a summary like "Several small bugs in Flensburg/Husum area", and add all bugs with coordinates in the description.

Now you are finished, you are ready to go to bugtracker.

A registered account has the following advantages:

Contact: euroadnet(at)