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0000231EuRoadNet mapGermanypublic2021-10-24 01:38
ReporterMG Mike Assigned ToTopolino  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Summary0000231: bugs in Flensburg
Descriptionterrainbug ;[24/10/2021 01:37:20] (sec-0001-0006);-810.326;3.23244;-23633.1;1.31732;-0.0925453
terrainbug ;[24/10/2021 01:37:51] (sec-0001-0006);-1059.78;3.44853;-23650.5;1.28277;-0.0810135
terrainbug ;[24/10/2021 01:34:56] (sec-0001-0006);-407.881;3.87205;-23585.4;0.977494;-0.115561
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Coordinates;[24/10/2021 01:34:56] (sec-0001-0006);-407.881;3.87205;-23585.4;0.977494;-0.115561


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2021-10-24 01:38 MG Mike New Issue
2021-10-24 01:38 MG Mike Status new => assigned
2021-10-24 01:38 MG Mike Assigned To => Topolino